QualityFry increases its presence in eastern Spain
QUALITYFRY Company news QualityFry increases its presence in the eastern Spanish region, with Región de Murcia Gastronómica and Mediterránea Gastrónoma

QualityFry increases its presence in the eastern Spanish region, with Región de Murcia Gastronómica and Mediterránea Gastrónoma

The last quarter of the year has been a challenging one in the Spanish eastern region for QualityFry and its distributors in that area (Panasa, Diamond Ibérica and Hosteco), since there have been two events of utmost importance for the hospitality equipment, this is summarized in two essential appointments within the Spanish territory: Región de Murcia Gastronómica 2022 and Mediterránea Gastrónoma 2022. We are talking about areas with a sublime gastronomic richnes, wheregastronomy and technology have two essential dates for these regions and the entire national territory. The best chefs and professionals in the sector have gathered at these two events, giving rise to two of the most emblematic gastronomic shows in the Iberian Peninsula. In summary, QualityFry increases its presence in the Spanish eastern region.

QualityFry, thanks to the presence that it has been working with its main distributors, Panasa(Murcia), Diamond Ibérica (Alicante) and Hosteco (Valencia), has been able to be present at these obligatory events for the hotel and catering equipment, where unique ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea converge, where its salty waters, the fertility of the region’s orchards, citrus groves and rice fields, provide ingredients and raw materials essential for the development of Spanish gastronomy.

Región de Murcia Gastronómica 2022, took place from November 4 to 7, 2022, withrisky bets on new trends, through more than 25 personalities from the Spanish gastronomy, among them, several Michelin Star Chefs. Thanks to Panasa, QualityFry was able to be present at this event where the latest technological advances of QualityFry iQ deep fryers were exhibited, through live demonstrations, where attendees were able to enjoy the quality of healthy fried food QualityFry technology, as well as see the fryer in full operation. iQ 630 Carrousel.

On the other hand, Mediterránea Gastrónoma 2022 was held in the city of Valencia, from November 13 to 15, 2022, where QualityFry could exhibit its EcoFry technology and provide visitor service thanks to Diamond Ibérica and Hosteco, two of its distributors in the area of eastern Spain, who, through their professionals, were able to offer the service of QualityFry fryers to all visitors interested in frying without fumes, odors, and with the unique advantage offered by QualityFry iQ models, since thanks to EcoFry technology, you can cook two products at the same time, with the optimization of time and costs that this entails.

Undoubtedly, they have been two experiences that enhance the figure of QualityFry iQ fryers in this important region with a great future, thanks to the knowledge of the area and the collaboration and experience of our distributors.

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