QUALITYFRY News QualityFry invests in an automatic parts cleaning system for its manufacturing processes.

QualityFry invests in an automatic parts cleaning system for its manufacturing processes.

With its 1,000-square-meter manufacturing center in San Román de Bembibre, León, QualityFry, a leading Spanish company in the design and manufacture of automatic frying technology without smoke, odors and without mixing flavors, continues to advance towards improving its processes in factory.

In response to increased demand and projected launches of new products to offer professional solutions in different sectors such as: retail, foodservice, gas stations, hoteles, bakery coffee, restaurant chains and proximity stores, QualityFry has invested in a new automatic industrial parts cleaning system, the IBERKLEEN DENEB 1200 washer

The investment in this new technology guarantees the automation of the parts washing process in the factory. This machine has a built-in multi-process automatic system that includes washing, rinsing, blowing and drying, which translates into greater performance and more sustainable hygiene by saving time, electricity and consumables.

Its cleaning system with two 350L tanks, one for washing and the other for rinsing, allows the dosing of detergent or disinfectant and recirculates the content, carrying out several washing cycles with the same water and detergent. Its filtering system using a bag filter keeps the washing liquid clean for longer and thanks to its oil separator disc, impurities and oil are removed from the upper part of the washing tank, keeping the water clean and at the same time reducing the amount of cleaning consumables and contact with the gases of the detergents by the operators.

At QualityFry we continually seek to bet on sustainability in the professional kitchen from the manufacture of our products to their delivery using optimal packaging solutions.

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