QualityFry optimizes its packaging process with sustainable solutions
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry optimizes its packaging process with sustainable solutions

QualityFry optimizes its packaging process with sustainable solutions

At QualityFry, we contribute to the progress of professional cooking through the design and manufacture of automatic frying technology without smoke and without odours. Through our experience as an innovative company, we offer quality, safe, healthy and sustainable frying.

As part of our growth strategy, we constantly validate and improve our processes with the aim of being more agile, always offering our customers the best product, the best service and being more sustainable. In accordance with our production process, we seek optimization for the current parts packaging system that allows us to improve load cushioning and optimize packaging process times.

The main problem with packaging is its short life cycle, which translates into a high environmental impact because shortly after its creation it becomes waste. With this in mind and after an exhaustive search for suppliers and materials, that reduce the environmental impact in this process, we have made an investment in the Instapak® Simple™ system, that uses new foam mixing technology that eliminates the pumps and heating elements required by larger volume systems. This technology creates a more efficient, secure and less wasteful global food supply chain and improves trade through packaging and fulfillment solutions to protect the movement of goods.

This technology offers a simple procedure that increases the speed of packaging, the bagged foam expands in the box and ensures that the correct amount of material is used every time, eliminating excess packaging. This helps to use of less packaging and has a very long life cycle, since the foam cushions can be reused, disposed of with ordinary garbage or returned to various Sealed Air sites.

With the incorporation of this new technology, QualityFry manages to improve the distribution of its products, increasing the agility of the packaging process. And also, it minimizes both the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions during the production process.

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