QualityFry: quality equipment for the Horeca sector
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry: quality equipment for the Horeca sector

QualityFry: quality equipment for the Horeca sector

The investing in hospitality equipment is one of the biggest and most important decisions within a restaurant business and it is essential that it meets the strictest quality controls to guarantee the best product and its functionality.

When entrepreneurs start in the hospitality sector, they must know the main elements and factors that intervene to quickly grow their business, and hospitality equipment is precisely one of the most valuable tools to have a professional and efficient kitchen.

Whatever your hospitality business is, it will not have a high performance if you use domestic appliances for cooking. For this reason, it is important to have professional equipment that allows staff to save time while cooking or doing other tasks such as serving drinks, as well as streamlining the various operational activities of the business. For this reason, at QualityFry we want to help you by offering you a closed fryer that fries vertically that incorporates an ecofry technology, which manages to automate the frying process, all you have to do is press a button to start cooking and have the product ready to serve in record time. In addition, these equipments do not emit smoke or odors, with which no extraction hood or smoke outlet is needed.

How can we ensure the quality? The brand’s equipment offers its customers reliability, safety and optimum performance, as they are subjected to the strictest quality controls that ensure that the highest standards are met and that each product is sent to the customer in optimal conditions. Our quality control system ensures both the quality of the materials supplied by our suppliers and the different production processes until the final product.

It is very important that the inspections carried out during the reception of the material supplied by the suppliers demand the highest quality of their components, these are the pillar on which the rest of the processes are based. At QualityFry, each component is part of a process, which is subjected one by one to different inspections that ensure that what is established in the control plan is complied with.

The test of the different quality control steps ensures that 100% of the critical points in manufacturing are approved, thus offering our customers the security of acquiring a highly functional product.

On the other hand, the ecofry technology developed in each of our fryers is inspected and tested to confirm that it meets all the operating and safety specifications, obtaining equipment without smoke and odors ready for sale.

If you have any questions about how our equipment works or want a live demo, don’t hesitate to contact us at marketing@qualityfry.com or request a demo here.

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