QUALITYFRY Blog QualityFry: Smokeless retail innovation

QualityFry: Smokeless retail innovation

The world of retail in 2024 offers a wide range of opportunities and challenges for the owners of these establishments, factors such as market trends, the economy and technology are crucial to boost sales in this type of business.

The importance of health and sustainability increases the demand for healthier food options, on the other hand, one of the consumer trends -we have limited time and we cook as a hobby- has completely taken hold, which has motivated the supply to increase its options for ready-to-eat and take away products. its options for ready-to-eat and take away products.

For this reason, the “grocerant” are giving a lot to talk about, a business model that is half “grocery” and half “restaurant”. The main supermarket chains are betting on satisfying the needs of their customers who want convenience, good prices and who do not have time to cook. In addition, consuming the products in the supermarket provides an opportunity to taste the meals prepared with the establishment’s own ingredients and products.


What are the usual problems when setting up a restaurant?

Supermarkets looking to innovate the way they offer their services to customers are stymied by several unknowns along the way, including:

  1. Limited area: space is the main factor when it comes to transforming a supermarket since, depending on the gastronomic offer to be sold, it will require more or less space or maybe even more or less work to be done in the establishment.
  2. Lack of kitchen: supermarkets do not have a smoke vent or kitchen and this is another fundamental aspect to carry out this service, unless you choose to offer only cold food.
  3. Lack of cook: hiring one or two people specialized in cooking and product management to prepare an attractive menu or offer involves an increase in personnel costs that must be taken into account.
  4. High staff turnover: staff training is an ally for every business, but when turnover is very high, the services offered to customers are affected and productivity decreases are noticed.
  5. Gastronomic offer: The real challenge for these establishments is to offer a varied and attractive menu with complete breakfasts and snacks at competitive prices that must be constantly updated and prepared with as minimal kitchen equipment as possible in order to optimize space and make retail profitable.


Supermarkets that want to become a grocerant face the aforementioned problems and more. For this reason, we introduce you to the smoke-free and odor-free technology developed in all QualityFry equipment, which is established as the best ally of this business model. Here’s why:

  1. No smoke vent or exhaust hood

The QualityFry equipment can cook without the need for a smoke vent and without an extractor hood. We have developed an innovative filter system that totally eliminates fumes, radically minimizes frying odors and allows frying different foods in the same oil without mixing their flavors.

In this way, there is no contamination in the environment and thanks to their reduced dimensions, they can be placed anywhere in the food preparation section of a grocerant. Moreover, as they are single-phase, they only need an electrical socket to start cooking.

  1. Safety and speed

The frying chamber is constructed with a double layer of stainless steel (AISI 304 L) that insulates the high temperatures inside and absolutely protects the operator and his environment.

It allows to fry in a record time several types of food at the same time (salty and sweet) or consecutively, without mixing their flavors and achieving a high standard of frying quality in all the premises.

Its innovative design allows programming 6 portions at a time, 2 in the frying chamber and 4 in the carrousel, without the need for reloading. All this in record time and fully automatically.

  1. Standardization of processes and ease of use

The brand’s equipment does not require specialized personnel or recurrent training because it is very intuitive. To cook with QualityFry, it is necessary to follow 3 steps: 1. Place the product in the input tray; 2. Program the time for that product; and, 3. Remove the product from the output tray to serve.

For this reason, we standardize our food manufacturing processes.

  1. Product standardization

It is a machine capable of autonomous frying ensuring a consistent and standardized final product. Regardless of the day or the operator using the equipment, the product will always have the same quality in any of your chains.

And above all, you can prepare a complete menu with starters, main courses and desserts. On QualitFry equipment you can prepare both fresh and frozen products, sweet or savory, to have a gastronomic offer at the highest level.

Because of the great possibilities offered to the market and thanks to the facilities you find in the equipment, you will be able to innovate the way of consuming in the supermarket and in turn increase the average ticket by generating a differentiated gastronomic experience.

This sector will generate a very large repercussion on convenience foodservice. The approach to the catering concept, the increase in the gastronomic offer, the agreements with home delivery platforms, the inclusion of suitable spaces for the consumption of the products on the premises, the on-site cooking of fresh products from the supermarket in front of users… make takeaway food spaces become the future of retail.