SIRHA 2023: QualityFry at the global Food Service market in France
QUALITYFRY News SIRHA 2023: QualityFry at the heart of the global Food Service market in France

SIRHA 2023: QualityFry at the heart of the global Food Service market in France

QualityFry will be present in the new edition of Sirha from 19 to 23 January 2023, where 200,000 qualified professionals, French and international, gathered for 5 days around the desire to generate business at the Eurexpo, Lyon, France. See you at Booth 5A29!

The major event for food service worldwide – SIRHA

The mission of SIRHA FOOD is continue inspiring the world of hospitality and Food Service, to be at the forefront of influences, understand the world in movement, report to better support a market and its players.
New global brand and food media, Sirha Food speaks to professionals as well as the general public and gather all the Food Service actors in 7 events: the Sirha Lyon, Sirha Green, Sirha Made, Sirha Europain trade fairs, the Omnivore Food Festival, and the Bocuse d’Or and Pastry Wolrd Cup contests.

During the show, the visitants and expositors will have the opportunity to:
• Position themselves at the heart of the Food Service market.
• Benefit from an exceptional audience of professionals and medias.
• Feed the sourcing of professionals with your new ranges: chefs, buyers, distributors, etc.
• Show your capacity for innovation and your difference in the market.
• Develop your turnover in France and abroad.
• Take advantage of the dynamics of a unique event, creator and carrier of content, truly differentiating for visitors.

Automatic Smart Cooking

QualityFry from the hand of its distributor in France, Biogalta, are developing new concepts to give to the hospitality sector more tools to offer the best frying in each business. The QualityFry fryers will present its ecofry technology for a healthy, sustainable, smoke-free and odourless frying, that is revolutionizing the world of professional cooking in Booth 5A29.
This time, we are showing how you can cook with our technology in a food truck and offer a complete menu to your customers, just with one machine. How it is possible? All our iQ QualityFry models have a innovative closed, vertical frying module that fries with no light and no oxygen. . In this way, we minimise heat loss and ensure a constant oil temperature during frying. On the other hand, the filter system completely eliminates fumes, radically minimizes frying odors and allows different foods to be fried in the same oil without mixing their flavours. These characteristics represent a competitive advantage for the catering and hospitality.
Food made with the entire range of QualityFry iQ fryers allow shortens frying times by 27% and reduce oil consumption by 37%,which represents, not only an improvement in product performance, but also a Lower content of greases absorbed by the food, obtaining a healthier and higher quality frying.

Live showcooking at STAND 5A29

We are waiting for you at stand 5A29 of Eurexpo, Lyon, France, where you can enjoy our showcookings and see live how our automatic frying machines can be use in all kind of business.
We invite you to taste all kinds of fried products prepared on site, in record time, without smoke and odors.

Don´t miss it!

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