Sustainability and waste reduction with QualityFry
QUALITYFRY Blog Sustainable menus and food waste reduction with QualityFry

Sustainable menus and food waste reduction with QualityFry

At QualityFry we always try to do our utmost to help preserve the environment, therefore, within our fight for sustainability we include the fight against food waste with our iQ equipment, designed to regenerate previously cooked food in just 30 seconds, recovering its original texture and flavor. This makes it possible to offer menus and food in good nutritional condition that would otherwise end up in the garbage garbage can, thus tackling the problem of food waste and bringing the concept of “food-for-use” cooking into vogue.

QualityFry’s iQ equipment, in this way, offers several advantages.

  • Fast and efficient regeneration: in only 30 seconds, iQ equipment restores cooked food to its original texture, flavor and quality. This optimizes operational efficiency in the kitchen.
  • Reducing food waste: regenerating previously cooked food prevents it from ending up in the garbage. iQ equipment minimizes waste, generating a positive impact on the environment.
  • Economic advantages: food regeneration allows maximum use of ingredients, reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.
  • Menu flexibility: iQ equipment allows you to experiment with regenerated menus, offering varied, creative and sustainable dishes without compromising on taste or quality.

And to illustrate the potential of iQ equipment, we present a regenerated menu that will delight diners while reducing food waste:

Starter: Mallorcan Tumbet

  • Take advantage of previously roasted vegetables to prepare a regenerated Mallorcan Tumbet with iQ equipment.
  • Vegetables such as peppers, eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes regain their texture and flavor in just 30 seconds, offering a delicious Mediterranean starter.

Main course: Entrecote with french fries and Padrón peppers

  • Leftover entrecote regenerated to preserve its juiciness.
  • French fries and Padrón peppers complete the dish.

Dessert: Churros with chocolate

  • Leftover churros are regenerated to recover their texture and flavor and, of course, this crunchy touch that makes them delicious.
  • Serve with hot chocolate for a sweet and comforting touch.

With iQ equipment, your kitchen can reduce food waste without sacrificing quality. Fast and efficient regeneration guarantees a sustainable and cost-effective culinary experience and a solution to the operational and time optimization that is so appreciated in the professional kitchen.

Ready to join the sustainable culinary revolution? Book a free demo and discover everything you need to know about our iQ equipment.

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