The Anne-Klare hotel in Netherland cooks with the QualityFry equipment
QUALITYFRY Client Stories The Anne-Klare boutique hotel in Netherland cooks with the QualityFry equipment

The Anne-Klare boutique hotel in Netherland cooks with the QualityFry equipment

The Anne-Klare starts with a small hotel in Joure, in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Now, the owners run their restaurant business 2 years ago and they are pleased to say that they are successful.

The success factor for the Anne-Klare team is to stand out from other businesses and keeping close to their own passion and values. “Our passion is to provide good meals from high quality products. We are a small restaurant, but still, we want our customers to have a very welcoming experience”.

“Our values are that we are 100% accountable for the products we serve our customers. We buy as much as possible directly from the farmer/ fishermen and we personally check the animal welfare and production methods”, says Ardi, Handyman & owner.

The Anne-Klare Restaurant journey

Over time, the Anne-Klare Hotel, decided jump into the gap to offer to their customers a complete experience, focus principally in innovate the way of working to provide the best customer experience, provide good meals from high quality products in its installations and invested in automatic kitchen equipment.We think that the food trend is in our opinion going to “luxury environmentally friendly food”. This means that we need to focus on environmentally friendly produced food, meat alternatives, but also friendly production methods. This needs to be accompanied by storytelling about your products, so the customer knows what is served. We do this by having bio-products direct from the farmer”..

“Also, preparation is important, we useenergy efficient equipment and palm oil free frying oil, we can say that our 2021 best seller was for example the seaweed burger and seaweed croquettes”. That is why, in their 8m2 kitchen, they have equipments that can be programmed easily by their chef and can be run by without experience, just with one day instruction like the QualityFry equipment. “This enables us to program all meal options and adds to our customer experience because we can serve our meals efficiently, the kitchen requires less manpower, we can increase our restaurant staff and give more attention to our customers”.

“In our restaurant our customers are the center of the experience, we treat our customer personally and give them the welcoming feeling. This is not difficult, because this is who we are”.On the other hand, for Ardi and Anne-Klare, the faces of the hotel, consider their staff like their hosts. “We provide them with all conditions to be the best host possible. We train them, we pay them as per value and we do not understaff. Happy staff results in happy customers”.

Safety and versatility in a single equipment

After an accidental explosion in the hotel, the QualityFry team in Netherlands supported them with all the benefits to have a machine 100% safe and automatic, that fits perfectly in their small kitchen and that allows to create a varied menu. But, at the same time, they Anne-Klare team knew what they were looking for in an equipment to start again. We are very demanding in kitchen equipment. In equipment we do not do any concessions. It must be versatile, energy efficient, not cause strong smells in the hotel, be programmable, compact, able to prepare multiple meals and high output”,all these characteristics, they found in the QualityFry fryers.

“After a very good demo we started calculating (Ardi’s profession is estimator), when calculating it is imported to determine the added value of the QualityFry. We could add a new range of servable products, with this also drinks consumption will rise. The investment was certainly feasible and a thorough calculation of the costs per serving we were convinced”.

“The iQ 630 Carrousel from QualityFry inspired us to adapt the philosophy of a programmable kitchen. This summer we had a great increase in turnover, so we are very happy we got inspired and convinced by the QualityFry and the innovative concept behind it”.

Remember, if you are in Joure, don´t miss to visit the Hotel Anne-Klare located in Zijl 1 – 8501AZ Joure – The Netherlands. You ca n also follow them on social media @hotel_anneklare.