Challenges facing the Spanish hospitality industry
QUALITYFRY Our Blog Challenges facing the Spanish hospitality industry

Challenges facing the Spanish hospitality industry

2023 is a year that brings with it a positive scenario for the hospitality sector, which, although it has gone through various external factors in recent years, has shown a high capacity for adaptation led by an extremely strong union.

Although this year is called the year of economic recovery, the hospitality industry, one of the main economic sectors in the country, faces several recurring challenges and other new ones that aim to maintain profitability.

The 3 main challenges of the hospitality industry


The drive for sustainability is one of the main challenges that the sector must adapt to, since it is present in each of the processes carried out by a restaurant. Awareness of environmental problems is becoming more and more rooted in consumers since they are increasingly looking for sustainable and local spaces with a respectful approach to the environment.

Among the main challenges is the reduction of food waste, cooking with seasonal food, sustainability of the producers and the origin of the ingredients, the elimination of the use of single-use plastic containers for reusable or biodegradable materials and the savings energetic.


Although the pandemic forced the acceleration of the digital transformation of many hospitality businesses, there are still places that have to invest in this item, since the only way to modernize a restaurant and improve its administration is through technology.

Starting from the fact that the profitable hospitality industry is committed to technology to increase its sales while optimizing time and resources, the hotelier must take into account the incorporation of a POS software that helps him in the management of sales and billing, coordination of areas, performance, control of the price tag and inventory, etc.

On the other hand, the customer asks for a fast and effective service when receiving their order, so digitalization in the kitchen is also essential. Having automatic and autonomous equipment will help you serve orders more efficiently.

And this can only be achieved by having equipment such as the QualityFry iQ models that are capable of managing a high demand for food, achieving a product in record time and with a perfect finish. Its innovative closed and vertical frying module allows frying in the absence of light, with hardly any oxygen. Minimizes heat losses and ensures constant oil temperature during frying. It has two systems for frying: individual, 250 g per portion, that means, are frying 2 products at a time and another 4 products programmed in line. And, in large portions, 600 g per portion, in such a way that one product is frying while 4 other products are waiting.

Another important point for your restaurant to be digitized is to have an internet presence. A task that takes time due to the management and creation of content but that will give you good results. A web site should be the first of your challenges, an attractive website that transmits your values, a digital menu, a space available for managing online reservations and offering delivery and take away options will attract many customers; you also have to bet on having a presence in the main social networks, publishing attractive photos of your dishes and your place is also a winning bet; To increase your visibility, it is ideal for you to be part of the main restaurant platforms and, above all, to appear on the Google map so that your customers can find you by location.

Quality and customer experience

Improving the quality of the product as well as customer service is one of the great challenges for this sector. The client is increasingly demanding and hotel professionals know that generating an excellent customer experience is an important factor in differentiating themselves from the competition.

Offering an excellent customer experience depends on several factors, since the customer has several points of contact with your restaurant, both online and in person: online, we can highlight from the search and choice of the restaurant, how friendly or not it was to navigate on your website, the visualization and coherence of the menu and finally the management of the reservation. On the other hand,in person, you have to focus on the details from the moment the customer arrives at your restaurant and is received by the service, the attention and the order process, the waiting time and the quality of the menu until they order the bill, pay and leave.

The efficiency of the service and the quality of the menu are fundamental for the client to remember their stay in your restaurant as a positive experience, because if one of the two fails or does not meet their expectations, the client will not be a good prescriber of your business.

The keys to recovery are given, we just need to get down to work and give our best in every aspect.

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