iQ 630 Carrousel: An automatic and versatile fryer
QUALITYFRY News iQ 630 Carrousel: An automatic and versatile fryer

iQ 630 Carrousel: An automatic and versatile fryer

At QualityFry, we believe in efficient professional cooking through innovation. That is why our designs have made us pioneers in energy saving and operator safety through the Built In fume extraction system.

In addition, our Ecofry System, based on innovation and constant development, minimizes the ecological footprint and improves energy efficiency. We save 24% in electricity consumption. We shorten frying times by 27%. We reduce oil consumption by 37%. Healthier and higher quality frying. Due to its low consumption, it is specially designed for food handling areas, kitchens and workrooms that also do not have a smoke outlet. On the other hand, the filter system completely eliminates fumes, radically minimizes frying odors and allows different foods to be fried in the same oil without mixing their flavours.

iQ 630 Carrousel

The iQ 630 Carrousel model is ideal for managing a high demand for food,, achieving a product in record time and with a perfect finish, has a innovative closed, vertical frying module that fries with no light and with virtually no oxygen. Minimizes heat losses and ensures constant oil temperature during frying.

This model has two systems for frying: individual, 250 g per portion, 2 products at the same time and four products on stand by. It has 4 compartments in the product input hopper, which allows multiple product management. And, big portions, 600 g per portion, in such a way that one product is frying at a time while four are waiting in the input hopper.

The oil capacity of the chamber is 5.5 liters, and works with an intelligent display (touch screen 5″) allows intuitive control of the cooking programmes and quick and efficient monitoring of the entire machine From the display you can program 8 different timesfor the products.

Check the technical specifications of the iQ 630 Carrousel model .

All the QualityFry equipments are very versatile, they can fry fresh, frozen, sweet and salty products. All kinds of fried meat, chicken, fish, tempura, asparagus, padron peppers, etc. Check here some recipes you can make with QualityFry.

The technology developed by QualityFry in all their equipment has been approved in the European Union through CE marking and the Seal of Excellence. The innovative character of QualityFry has been recognised by the European Commission and the company has been awarded the Seal of Excellence within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, which promotes industrial leadership in Europe and strengthens the scientific foundations of business projects.

Request a live demo and see how our iQ 630 Carrousel fryer works.

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