QualityFry responds to the trend of Fast Casual restaurantsthat seek catering equipment with maximum benefits, healthy food, prepared in front of the customer and fast to consume. The company’s ventless deep fryers machines contribute to the advancement of professional cooking through their automatic ventless deep fryer technology that offers quality, safe, healthy and sustainable frying.

Without conditions for the location of the restaurant

The catering equipment can determine the selection of the premises. Experts indicate that it is necessary to analyze the cost of the premises very well in the business operating account, since it should never involve an effort of more than 11% on gross sales. In this sense, the technology developed by QualityFry in its catering equipment allows frying in premises without smoke extraction or without a kitchen, opening for the first time the possibility of choosing those establishments that are better located, with a lower rental cost and, above all, where there is no a large investmentis required in the professional kitchen infrastructure for the installation of the business.

In this way, the new catering establishments can access smoke-free spaces in the main shopping streets, in open spaces within large areas or in transit areas of stations and airports, a great advantage to achieve the best profitability.

The high competition that exists in the restaurant and hospitality sector makes innovation and technology become key factors to guarantee the profitability and success of franchised businesses. The most current concepts, which have been born under the umbrella of the franchise system, are consolidated on highly optimized standard processes whose key is based on developing an integral and effective know-how, de forma que garantice las in a way that guarantees the good business figures of the brand. QualityFry’s automatic deep fryers are perfectly integrated into this “know-how” of the new restaurant franchises, providing a plus in terms of profitability.

Cost optimization: personnel, energy and product

Capable of frying automatically and autonomously, no specialized personnel are required to use QualityFry frying machines. All you have to do is press a button and collect the ready-to-serve product. Its special design and innovative display make it possible to eliminate handling errors due to high staff turnover. In this way, QualityFry allows youto expand the service, but not the personnel expenses. The automatic machines designed by the Spanish company company execute, at the push of a button, numerous frying programs, achieving the same standard of frying quality in all the premises of the brand..

The Ecofry technology developed by QualityFry achieves that the electrical cost of operation is reduced compared to a traditional fryer. The frying times are optimal for each product, and the operating costs that it generates are fully controlled automatically.

By correctly eliminating the water vapor produced during the frying process and reducing the contact of the oil with light and air, this compact and and closed frying machine prolongs the life of the oil and ensures its quality.

Diversification and versatility in the professional kitchen

QualityFry ventless deep fryers machines allow multiple applications in the kitchen: frying, regeneration and sealing. In this way, they achieve a perfect frying thanks to the EcoFry system. Regeneration that recovers the golden and crisp surface of any food, even if it has been cooked for a long time. Sealed that preserves the juices, flavor and nutritional properties of the food.

In this way, catering businesses can expand the menu with fried products, thus increasing business volume and profit margins. It is possible to design a menu of savory and / or sweet dishes, depending on the service required (breakfast, appetizers, snacks, tapas, informal lunches or dinners), which encourages the consumption of beverages and fits the tastes of different types of customers.

In addition, the EcoFry system developed by QualityFry in its range of fryers makes it possible to offer a quality and well-cared product for a longer time: Crispy texture, perfect drying, optimum browning point. Gastronomically more attractive products for a longer time.

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