Smoke-free cooking: clear benefits for your business
QUALITYFRY Our Blog Smoke-free cooking: clear benefits for your business

Smoke-free cooking: clear benefits for your business

Every restaurant business must be regulated and comply with the regulations regarding smoke outlets in its premises, in this way the quality of the air is guaranteed and therefore the safety of its workers and clients within the establishment.

The main problem that we can find in a place that carries out cooking or food preparation activities for sale is that it does not have a smoke outlet or extraction hood. At QualityFry, we know that it is possible to set up a restaurant business without a ventilation system or kitchen.

The installation of smoke outlets or the existence of a kitchen is no longer a limiting element for bars, supermarkets, gas stations, convenience stores, food trucks, hotels, among many other types of gastronomic spaces to function successfully without a kitchen using automatic and efficient machinery that does not emit smoke or odors.

Why have equipment that does not need a smoke outlet?

1- Reduces the risks in the initial investment

Doing without an extractor hood to start a new hospitality business is a huge advantage when making decisions at the start of a project. Without major reforms in the kitchen and without problems with the activity license -since it does not emit smoke or odors- the most important steps have been taken so that the business progresses without difficulties.

2- Create a versatile and quality menu without cooking

QualityFry equipment allows you to create a very versatile menu, with savory and sweet dishes that can be prepared in less than 3 minutes. With a special way of frying (ecofry), it ensures that a minimum amount of oil penetrates the interior of the product, which prevents one food from transmitting its flavor to another, even if they are fried at the same time and in the same oil.

The crunchy texture in the batters, the gastronomically attractive nuances in the browning of fried foods and the draining system that this machine has, are qualities that are difficult to imitate in a conventional fryer.

3- Supports different business models

With this innovative frying machine it is possible to boost the takeaway section of a supermarket. Offer healthy food available at any time with the same quality in all your points of sale.

In the world of hotel catering,Thanks to the automatic and intelligent system of the QualityFry equipment, it does not require additional or specialized personnel and offers endless possibilities, both in the Urban and Resort hotels sector for a 24-hour service acting as support for theme restaurants, without the need to depend on the central kitchen.

For hotel and restaurant chains, it offers you an automated and reliable process that cooks food in a healthy way, always with the same quality. Automatic frying for multifunctional spaces and without off-peak hours. Having the possibility of offering breakfasts, brunches or meals, snacks and dinners. Freshly made food for tasting, buying and consuming quality products both on the premises and to take away.

In addition, it offers enormous possibilities to make the most of the visit to gas stations and service stations. Encouraging impulse buying, increasing the average ticket and facilitating new consumer trends based on take away. It does not require additional works or permits, so QualityFry is the perfect solution to place in any corner inside the gas station, and offer customers freshly prepared food, in a minimum space.

In this way, our current clients with business models ranging from a tapas bar like 100 Montaditos, supermarkets like Mercadona, Carrefour, Monoprix, gas stations like Shell, Croqvert, hotels like Ibis and many more, all of them are viable just by plugging in any QualityFry iQ model.

4- Reduce global expenses

With this fryer, processes can be standardized and automated, which facilitates better control of the service. Being a closed and compact frying machine, without heat losses, it reduces electricity consumption by 24% compared to a traditional fryer. In addition, by correctly eliminating the water vapor produced during the frying process and reducing the contact of the oil with light and air, it prolongs the life of the oil and ensures its quality.

If you want to see the machine working live, request a free demo here and find out all the advantages of cooking with automatic and energy-efficient equipment.