QualityFry: a decade of automatic smokeless frying technology
QUALITYFRY News QualityFry celebrates a decade as a reference company for automatic frying technology without smoke and without odours.

QualityFry celebrates a decade as a reference company for automatic frying technology without smoke and without odours.

QualityFry celebrates its first decade contributing to the progress of professional cooking through the design and manufacture of automatic frying technology without smoke and without odours.

A decade of transformation

QualityFry starts in 2012 with the vision of contributing to the world of frying parameters of high quality, health and efficiency, through technology. In these 10 years, the company, which is located in the field of technology, has made investments in R&D equivalent to 10% of its turnover until it has achieved a family of automatic fryers without smoke or odours. “Since 2020, the main objective has been Quality, generating an evolution in the company culture focused exclusively on excellence through the Quality of both the product and the work that is carried out on a day-to-day basis by all its workers. ”, says Javier Toral Nistal, CEO of QualityFry.

QualityFry is a company focused on the foodtech field, it has developed and perfected its ecofry technology over time. From the first equipment that was marketed until today, the brand’s models have undergone a remarkable evolution, with its last two launches in 2021, the iQ 640 FES Carrousel model, it has an integrated fire extinguishing system and the iQ 1000 Carrousel model, that has increased production capacity thanks to its frying chamber with 10 liters of oil, innovation and contribution of a technology that allows to improve energy performance in cooking processes, reduce oil consumption during the frying process and reduce frying time.

The company has been evolving its day to day with the dedication and commitment of its entire team and after 10 years full of challenges and innovations, it has managed to take its technology to more than 15 countries.

QualityFry’s efforts have been reflected in the trust of its customers, who have acquired more than 3,000 machines with the support of its partners and distributors strategically located throughout Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. Thanks to our partners who continue their commitment to innovation with QualityFry to offer quality, safe, healthy and sustainable frying, we diversify our solutions from a professional kitchen to the Horeca, hotel, retail, gas station and organized catering sectors.

These last few years have been decisive for QualityFry. The increase in demand and the projections of launching new products to offer professional solutions in different sectors has led us to increase our volume of machines and therefore the size of our factory to continue improving production processes.

Corporate milestones and projects

In these 10 years of experience, QualityFry has received various national and international awards and recognitions that endorse its ecofry technology as a pioneering and key technological innovation for the foodservice sector. Thus, in 2016 we received the award for the best start up in Spain in the Horeca sector awarded by the Actualidad Económica magazine, and we were finalists in the Hostelco awards in Barcelona.

In 2018, we received the Quality Innovation Award together with 8 Spanish companies to represent the country in the international phase of this competition in Beijing, China. Restauración News grants us the Hot Concepts award for Machine of the Year in 2021, rewarding our iQ 630 Carrousel model.

Our achievements at the international level have also been cause for celebration, as we have been part of the short list of finalists as Best Technological Innovation, in the World Food Innovation Awards 2018 that were held in Hotelympia London, where the most ambitious new products and developments of the year are exhibited worldwide.

In addition, for two consecutive editions, QualityFry has been recognized with the SMART LABEL 2019 and 2021 innovation award, promoted by Host – Fiera Milano and a committee of experts and professors from the Milan Polytechnic.

Our commitment to continuous improvement in a constant search for excellence has brought us different sources of financing, among the most important we can mention the funds from the SME Instrument Phase 2 project within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Program of the European Commission which in turn has granted QualityFry the Seal of excellence On the other hand, we have had the support of the CDTi for innovation and technological development of QualityFry in the design of our latest project for automatic fryers.

At the same time and as part of QualityFry’s objective with quality as the engine of excellence and sustainability, we have designed and certified our management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, both at the company’s headquarters and at the production center.

In 2020 a new Strategic Plan was designed for the Company, opening new markets hitherto unexplored achieving great success in the gas & oil, international retail and hotel sectors, multiplying by 5 the number of corporate accounts and large clients who opted for QualityFry’s frying solution in the last two years.

New challenges and business plan

QualityFry puts all its efforts into continuing to be a benchmark in automatic frying technology without smoke and without odours, and to offer its customers quality equipment that responds and fosters the evolution of professional cooking. In this decade of experience we have laid the foundations and the experience to generate a 3-year strategic plan where one of the objectives is to strengthen the relationship with our partners to continue providing innovative solutions in the different sectors and to our clients.

Another of the objectives is to achieve success in the expansion in the American market, the Middle East and Africa, for which we are carrying out strategic alliances with different local distributors. Our goal is that quality frying can be provided in every corner of the world, like the one obtained using our equipment for professional kitchens, in addition to guaranteeing better conditions in the kitchen by eliminating, among other things, the risk of direct contact with high hot oil temperatures. And above all, to continue with the research, development and implementation of the new era of professional fryers with automatic equipment that makes everyday life easier for professionals in the sector.

In the words of our CEO, Javier Toral Nistal, “We will remain faithful in the next ten years, at least, to our mission, which is none other than to develop a range of advanced frying products that provide automation, versatility and homogenization, saving time and resources for the customer. Nuestro contacto permanente con los clientes nos proporciona información privilegiada sobre los puntos dolorosos que les genera cualquier proceso de cocción, dedicando un porcentaje muy alto de nuestro tiempo a idear soluciones para esos puntos de rozamiento y haciendo con ellos que el proceso de cocción sea más saludable y seguro.

Paraphrasing the great Gardel, 10 years is nothing, although we have lived them intensely and it has prepared us for the next ten”.

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