Make your menu with QualityFry: ideas for attractives meals
QUALITYFRY Blog Make your menu with QualityFry: ideas for attractives meals

Make your menu with QualityFry: ideas for attractives meals

In the competitive world of gastronomy, every detail counts to stand out and satisfy the most demanding customers. One of the key issues for the success of a restaurant is menu planning. In this sense, having kitchen equipment that facilitates this process becomes a strategic advantage.

QualityFry, a pioneer in frying technology with no fumes, no odors and no mixing of flavors, not only offers innovative solutions for the foodservice industry, but also provides hoteliers a versatile and automatic equipment for the efficient preparation of their menus.

Here’s how QualityFry can help you optimize your restaurant business with attractive menu ideas for all types of customers:

With QualityFry cooking equipment, you can incorporate a wide variety of dishes into your menu. From classic options to ancient gastronomic creations concerned with the search for balance and contrast in the fusion of flavors, such as oriental gastronomy. The use of fresh ingredients, cereals and the high consumption of fruits and vegetables make oriental cuisine a totally attractive and delicious culinary experience for any consumer. Here is an idea to surprise your customers with an oriental menu with a variety options cooked on our iQ 630 Carrousel. Ideal for your most demanding customers.

On the other hand, with any of the QualityFry iQ models you can create a complete tapas menu that will drive your guests crazy. Tapas are part of our diet and are often closely linked to fresh products, such as vegetables and salads, but above all, whether we are near the coast or not, they are often closely linked to seafood. The patented technology in all the brand’s equipment guarantees fast and uniform cooking of these delicacies, which means a greater efficiency and productivity in your kitchen. In addition, it allows you to serve a higher volume of customers since the orders will go faster.

With QualityFry, you can also offer healthier options to your customers and those based on vegetables are ideal for cooking in our equipment. The “veggie” trend has become a clearly consolidated social reality, which means that the Horeca sector is faced with the challenge of innovating when preparing its menu to adapt to the preferences of this new consumer. Here we have prepared a vegan menu for your restaurant to have a differentiating element to attract customers and increase your bottom line.

QualityFry equipment is designed to fit the specific needs of your business, from fine dining restaurants to fast food establishments. With customization options and flexible configurations, you can create a unique menu that showcases your brand identity and matches your customers’ preferences. As an example, we show you our banquet menu that you can adapt for your most important events.

In short, planning your restaurant menu has never been easier. QualityFry not only allows you to offer delicious and healthy dishes to your customers, but also adapts to your kitchen needs and allows you to optimize the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of your hospitality business.

Need help creating your menu? Request a free demo and we will help you customize your menu to get the most out of your business.

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